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What is Dynamic Health?

Updated: Apr 13, 2018

Dynamic health is something that we can easily forget the feeling of as we get older and as the modern world demands more and more time and energy from us. But what is dynamic health?

Dynamic health is a state of energised balance that we know from how we feel. This means that we need to be well enough and balanced enough to be able to feel. To be able to feel the energy of the 100 trillion cell ecosystem we call life within us. This modern world naturally divides life into the perceptual experiences of the body, mind, emotions and spirit. But dynamic life is a state where these conceptual boundaries break down because of expanding life energy to create a profound synergy of them all. Another term might be radiant health.

To create this point of shifting and changing balance we need to let go of the idea of maximising the qualities and quantities of our life, and come to understand the profound need to optimise them. For it is the simple ability to make space for all of life that makes that life feel so good. Hence unless we are competing at some kind of competitive sport or ego competition, there is no more sense in pursuing – maximal strength, flexibility or cardio vascular fitness. Remember that Citius, Altius, Fortius (Latin for "Faster, Higher, Stronger") was for Olympic athletes and not daily life.

Like wise, if we really want to attain dynamic health, we need to let go of maximal ideas of mental and emotional intelligence, and to let go of the idea that there is something for us to become, a be maximal authentic spiritual being. There is not. All we have to do is to let what we already are come into its natural balance. One might even call this the power of the ordinary.

Once we can understand this we can see that in each area of our life – body, mind, emotion and spirit, there is the possibility of doing too much or too little at any given time, within the context of our own personal health and fitness. Once we can see that it is the attainment of the balance between them and not trying to maximise them all allows for the synergy that is dynamic health we can begin work as we choose in each area.

  • At a physical level – the attainment and maintenance of optimal strength, optimal flexibility and optimal cardio vascular fitness, for our age, constitution and our lives.

  • At a mental level what we might simply call a balance between over and under use of our mental faculty. Plus the maintenance of sufficient mental flexibility to keep learning new things.

  • At a emotional level to have in the softness and resilience to be vulnerable enough to feel, yet resilient enough not to be overwhelmed by our emotions. No longer seeing life as made of good and bad emotions, but a life with real emotion that help guide us through our lives.

  • At a spiritual level that we are calm and still enough within to be, at least some of the time, aware of the greater process of life going on around us. Centred and grounded enough to know when we need to take time for ourselves, and enjoy our chosen form of stillness.

  • As well as these divisions above we must also look to find balance in the processes that create and maintain our lives. Breathing, fluid intake (water), food and rest and sleep. For without bringing these into balance non of the rest can flourish.

It all comes down to learning to understand that when it comes to dynamic health and fitness you are in a class of one. You can learn from others but you must learn to feel your own life – now.

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