Osteopathic Care

Practice Update

From January 2022 I will be working from a lovely natural health & healing clinic in the heart of Mt Eden Village. At 453E Mount Eden Road. 

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 453E Mount Eden Road 453E Mount Eden Road


My treatment room is the one on the near corner in the photo above. The treatment room has it's own access door up the steps and is spacious and quiet being set back from the main road. Like my existing home practice it does not have a waiting room but there are a couple of seats out side for those who do come early. There is a single parking spot right out side and good car park parking close by. I will continue to see patients on the hour and the booking system is unchanged. 

Nigel Stainton 

I came to osteopathy from being an elite javelin thrower into my mid 30s and have now been in practice as a cranial osteopath for 24 years. After qualifying from the European School of Osteopathy in UK, in 1997, I worked at the Osteopathic Centre for Children in London, and trained with some of the best cranial osteopaths in the UK. I moved to New Zealand with my family in 2005. I have completed the full post-graduate Biodynamic osteopathic training of American osteopath Jim Jealous, DO, and teach post-graduate cranial work with the SCTF (Sutherland Cranial Teaching Foundation) in New Zealand.  

It is this balance of athlete & osteopath that has given me a unique perspective on the dynamics of health. I have only just this year retired from master throwing at age 62. I love helping adults regain their dynamic health though treatment and conditioning / training. Though the number that engage in the latter, in the busy modern world, is all too small. 

"Health is not for the chosen few but for the few who choose."

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As Covid-19 is still active in the community, especially in Auckland, there are certain safety measures that osteopaths must adhere to: 

  • After booking an appointment I will send you a short health questionnaire prior to each visit to assess your current health and possible exposure to Covid-19. 

Please do not come to the practice if you are feeling unwell or awaiting results for a Covid-19 test. 


If you are well and able to come for treatment following the questionnaire I ask you to arrive wearing a mask. Please knock and wait outside and I will greet you as per normal. 


  • I will take your temperature at the door with a contactless forehead temperature sensor. 

  • I will then ask you to either wash your hands or use the hand sanitiser provided.  

  • It is now mandatory for you to scan the practice QR code using the Covid Tracer App. 



Wednesdays: 10am to 5pm

Thursdays: 9am to 4pm

Osteopathic Treatment 

New Patients $120 (1 hour) / with ACC $90

Continuing Patients $97 (40 mins) / with ACC $65

ACC Registered

Online Banking Payments: AC No 38 - 9018 - 0578928 - 00

QUESTIONS: If you have any questions about what might be appropriate for osteopathic treatment, please phone or message on 021 144 3170. I will get back to you as soon a possible. Usually on the same day during the week. 

 453E Mount Eden Road

Mt Eden Village. 




The entrance to 453E Mount Eden Road is between The Podlyfe Vape shop and the Nameste Cafe.

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