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Nigel Stainton has 20 years clinical experience as a Registered Osteopath working in family-based practices in the UK, Wellington and Auckland.  He specialises with the very gentle and effective form of osteopathy, known as cranial osteopathy, treating patients of all ages from newborn babies to those in their 80s.  Nigel is now working from his home in a delightfully quiet and secluded part of Remuera, surrounded by greenery and the sound of bird song.

He has two particular passions : treating children and witnessing the amazing changes that can happen in their health and the ongoing effect to their development, and secondly, working with those who want to engage with their health in a more conscious and deliberate manner to regain the dynamic health and fitness they once had.  It's clear the only way to have dynamic health and fitness is by being dynamic! 


Nigel Stainton is also an ex-elite athlete and is now offering to teach patients how to train to regain their dynamic health and fitness, either from a small gym in his garage and outside, or at their homes.  This is not the usual personal fitness training.  Nigel aims to teach you to understand how elite athletes get the results they do, the underlying principle of how to create change through training, and learning to scale the intensity, load and duration to meet your current level of conditioning, no matter your age, health or fitness.  It's clear from the most current scientific research that the optimal approach to spinal health and body comfort and overall wellbeing is a combination of both effective treatment and conditioning work. 

Thankfully when it comes to beginning the journey back to dynamic health – there is no beginning too small!  All we have to do is accept where we really are in regard to our current strength, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness, and work from there one day at a time, like learning a musical instrument.  That you have an experienced osteopath to guide you through this journey makes it a safe and ultimately enjoyable and deeply rewarding experience.  

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Picture of Nigel Stainton as an Athlete.


Nigel qualified from the European School of Osteopathy, UK, in 1997.  After working at the Osteopathic Centre for Children in London, and after training with some of the best cranial osteopaths in practice in the UK, he moved to New Zealand with his family in 2005.  Nigel loves working with children for the profound and life changing ways cranial osteopathy can benefit a child's overall growth.  It's extraordinary to witness! Additionally he has a passion for helping the older, middle of life and later patients find their way back to dynamic health and fitness in a world that no longer has the natural balance required for easy health and fitness. ​ Nigel has also completed the full post-graduate Biodynamic osteopathic training of Jim Jealous, DO, and has taught post-graduate cranial work with the SCTF (Sutherland Cranial Teaching Foundation).  

Holistic Health and Conditioning Coach

Nigel trained as a javelin thrower in the UK through most of his 20s in to his early 30s and was placed number 11 on the UK-all-time ranking list.  He trained intensively to reach the Seoul and Los Angeles Olympics but sadly was never able to make it.  The upside was the back pain he experienced from javelin throwing brought him to osteopathy!  During that time he was privileged to train with and alongside many great athletes including a number of UK Olympic champions, and world record holders.  In 2011 Nigel returned to throwing in the NZ Masters after 18 years 'rest'!  It took him 3 years to condition back into shape to be ranked No 2 in the world for javelin in the 50-54 age group.  It's this particular synergy of osteopathy and experience as an elite athlete that's led Nigel to begin coaching others how to train effectively and how to create dynamic health and wellbeing.



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Osteopathic Treatment 

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